Dear Skil customer,

Thanks for your choosing SKIL products and spending time to complete product register. As return, we will extend your SKIL product warranty by 12 months. Please show the page with purchasing receipt as evidence to our official distribution partner to get extra warranty extending.

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Warranty terms

SKIL Warranty Policies are divided into 3 groups as follows :

  1. 1. SKIL RED Red group products (more than 50% red on the products) These products come with two-year warrant from the date of purchase.
  2. 2. SKIL Black Black group products (more than 90% red on the products) These products come with a one-year warrant from the date of purchase.
  3. 3. Batteries and chargers These products come with six-month warrant from the date of purchase.

The warranty exclusive following situation :

  1. Any natural wear and tear that occurs during normal use, e.g. housing, chuck, cable, plug, gear box, bearing or rotor (the wear of the commutator diameter exceeds 0.1mm)
  2. Tool failure due to non-compliance with operating instructions, improper operating conditions, overloading, lack of adequate maintenance and upkeep
  3. Tool failure caused by self-disassembly the housing
  4. Defects caused by the use of non-original accessories
  5. Tools that have been modified or added parts
  6. Supplied accessories or accessories, such as drill bits, saw blades, etc.

Your shopping receipt
and the serial code of the machine are important warranty certificates, please keep them properly. If required by your local dealer, please present it as a warranty certificate.